Red Wing branded footwear products are warranted against factory defects in workmanship and materials.

If within 6 months of the date of purchase, a manufacturing defect occurs as a result of NORMAL use, we will repair or replace the product.

Product failures caused by EXCESSIVE or abuse wear conditions, do not qualify for warranty. Determination of this will be made by the relevant Store Manager, acting reasonably.

The RWSS from which you purchased your boots will provide the original owner a reasonable "life of the boots" warranty on gluing , stitching, and hooks/eyelets, and laces. Please note that "stitching" does NOT include patching, for which there will be a repair charge. The boots can be returned to any of our 12 locations to take advantage of these additional warranty items. We do not cover the cost of shipping boots to or from our store if you are undable to bring them in person. This warranty does not extend to "clearance items" which are sold on a "final sale" basis.

Warranty periods are NOT extended in the event a replacement pair is issued. A warranty period is calculated from the date of the original purchase, not any date of exchange.



When you purchase Red Wing branded footwear at our stores, you will receive:

        * free laces for the life of your boots

        * free seam stitching if any part comes unstitched ( please note that this does not include any patching that is required due to wear and tear. eg heel liners, holes in the leather from abrasion or cuts etc )

        * free rebonding if part of the sole comes unglued

        * free conditioning and reoiling ( please bring in your boots in a clear and dry condition)

        * free replacement hardware....eyelets, hooks, where the condition of the leather permits them to be replaced.

        * free professional advice any time, in person, by phone or by email, with regards to any aspect of your boots and care of them.

        * free customer profile maintenance. We retain your purchase history and refer back to it at the time of future purchases in order to fine tune any fitting issues you may have experienced. We also use this information to verify warranty entitlement, even where you cannot find your original receipt. If you are working out of town, we may be able to use your history to ship replacement footwear to your current location without having to visit our stores.

( please note, the above benefits only apply to regular sale items. "Clearance Items" are sold on an "as is" , final sale basis )



We will accept merchandise for a full refund within 30 days of purchase , subject to the following conditions

       1. merchandise must be unworn and resaleable, with the original sales tags still attached, and in the original box or packaging

       2. the merchadise must have been purchased at one of the Red Wing stores within our  group of companies

       3. the customer must present the original sales receipt ( photocopies may not be acceptable )

       4. any refund will be returnable using the original method of payment and to the original card if payment was made with debit or credit card

       5.Major Account refunds will only be made to the company that remitted payment to us for the merchandise. Where a Major Account relationship exisits, but the employee makes full payment at the store in the knowledge they will be reimbursed in whole or in part by their employer, we require an official letter from the Employer authorizing a refund.

I would just like to clarify our policy with regards to requiring an ORIGINAL RECEIPT for customers who want to return footwear.  In some cases if the customer has lost their receipt we can rely on our in store RIMS customer history to validate that the item was purchased from our stores. This applies to EXCHANGES only. 

Where however the customer wants to return footwear for a REFUND, higher standards will apply. Without the original receipt, a store credit is the best we are able to offer.

The situations we are on the look out for are where a customer purchases boots, then takes their receipt to their employer for reimbursement, and then comes back to us seeking to return the boots for a refund. In these cases, the customer will have surrendered the original receipt to their employer and will either only have a photocopy of the receipt or none at all. In these situations WE WILL INSIST ON THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT AND RETAIN IT. NO EXCEPTIONS.   Without the original receipt, all we will do is offer either an EXCHANGE or STORE CREDIT.  The original receipt must be SURRENDERED BY THE CUSTOMER and WILL BE STAPLED TO THE REFUND TRANSACTION SLIP and retained by the Red Wing Store 



A new feature that has apllied since 2010 is a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee on all RED WING brand  CSA footwear purchased after Janary 1st 2010.   The specific terms of this new guarantee are as follows: 

        If during the first (30) days immediately following your purchase you are not satisfied with the comfort of your Red Wing CSA footwear for whatever reason, Red Wing will refund the purchase price to you, no questions asked, provided that you still have your ORIGINAL dated receipt of purchase.   No adjustment will be given without surrender of the ORIGINAL receipt of purchase.  You must return your footwear to the Red Wing Shoe store from which the footwear was purchased.  Only one lifetime return per customer.

This is a great new feature and for new and repeat customers and offers a chance for a risk free purchase experience.   

Please note, you MUST have your feet measured by our service professionals. Self fitting will not qualify.



Gortex/Waterprrof  linings are very reliable, and unless they show signs of leakage within the first few wearings in wet conditions, they will almost certainly not leak thereafter unless the waterproof membrane is punctured.  Puncture damage is not covered by warranty, as it is not a manufacturing defect.  The warranty for waterproof defects is 6 months from the original date of purchase. If your boots leak within the early days of purchase, no additional proof is usually required.  Towards the end of the warranty period, we will inspect footwear for damage/punctures etc, and may require you to leave the boots with us while we undertake a 24 hour submersion test. Please keep in mind that water overflows and perspiration can also sometimes lead  you to suspect a leak, so before bringing them in, we recommend that you dry them and re-wear them to see if the leak conditions reappear.